Home Maintenance Experts

How to Assemble A Superstar Team of Home Maintenance Experts Quickly

welcome to arizona It’s been 6 months since I’ve purchased my house in Phoenix, AZ and I thought it was about time to start covering what I’ve learned:

Turning the key in the door of your new home is a thrilling feeling that comes with numerous future responsibilities. One of these is home maintenance. For new homeowners, the amount of maintenance chores required to keep up their own home can be astounding, but doesn’t have to be backbreaking or expensive. Initially, new homeowners are keen to do it all themselves as part of being proud homeowners, but eventually it will be obvious that it’s simply smarter and more cost effective to assemble a team of local companies that you can call no matter what the job or emergency. To vet that team there are a few different ways to go about it.

Getting Professional Help When You Need It

Unlike renting, home ownership requires a vast amount of different jobs normally overseen by a property management company in a rental situation. This includes: landscaping, plumbing, electrical work, pest control, construction, roof repair, and even housekeeping for things like mold and mildew removal. However, going with an unknown or the first person who knocks on your door also comes with risks of being overcharged or having inferior work done. Instead, to get the best results, try these approaches instead:

Look Through Your Welcome Package – Postal services often send welcome packages for new residents that include coupons for local homeowner services with steep discounts. They can be a way to try out a service without too much monetary risk. These local businesses know that if they can please you the first time a new homeowner tries out a service, the more likely they will have a gained a customer for as long as the homeowner lives there, so they compete heavily at this time to introduce their services to new homeowners.

Survey Your Neighbors – If you want to check the reputation of service providers, whether it’s a landscaping or a pool maintenance company ask your neighbors. These people most likely will have a few people who they rely on heavily who they are pleased with and have already tried out numerous local services. They can give you some good ideas of who to call and why for almost any problem you have.

Check Online Reputations – Angie’s List is a paid subscription site that can offer referrals and reviews of local services in your area. However, there are plenty of other ways to check up on local services that are free: Yelp.com, Merchantcircle.com, or Facebook. That’s right, why not ask your online friends on Facebook about their experiences with a local business? It’s free to ask and you might get some really good advice or alternatives. Some of these sites, like MerchantCircle.com, will even give you discount coupons for trying out a service on their site.

Home Maintenance Package Get a New Home Maintenance Package – If you haven’t signed the papers yet, you can ask the old homeowner to include a home maintenance service package for the first year. They will pay the fees and you will be covered for major problems like a furnace or refrigerator blowing out on you. If you’ve already bought the home, you can still sign up and pay the home maintenance fee yourself. The company will give you a phone number to call and they will vet the maintenance team so that no matter who comes to your house, they will be up to their standards. All you have to do is keep your monthly or yearly service fee. They will give you discounts on the work done too.